Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the best way to contact you?

A. Email. Due to us being busy in the workshop, most of the time we have compressors, routers, machinery running etc.. so unfortunately we don’t always hear the phone ringing with our ear protection on. If you email us we can get back to you asap. Also, its best to have a “paper trail” with your enquiry so we can refer back to it for details such as vehicle model, colours, work required etc..

If it’s the first time contacting us, please try to include relevant details to help us respond quickly. These may be van make, model, year, colour, SWB or LWB etc..


Q. How long does it take to convert my panel van to a camper van?

A. When booking your van in for conversion, we will let you know the estimated completion date.

A two Berth conversion (without elevating roof) will take 4-6 weeks from dropping off to collection.

A four Berth conversion (with elevating roof) will take approx 6-8 weeks.

This is an estimated timescale and your conversion may be finished before or after the estimated schedule but we will keep you informed during the build so you know how its going.

If changes or additional work is required to your build such as adding extras after the build has commenced such as heating, accessories etc.. then this can add extra days to the build.


Q. I would like my van converted to a camper. When can you start the conversion?

A. Once we have gone through all the options of the conversion with you such as carpet finish, colours, seat fabrics, available options etc… we will then send you an official quotation by email or post as required. We will then offer you our next available build slot.

Build slots can be taken up very quickly, if a slot has been offered to yourself and other customers then it is strictly a first come first served basis. Your slot will be reserved once we receive your deposit.

Our lead time for a build slot date can vary depending on the time of year. It can be as soon as a few weeks or up to a few months depending on work load.


Q. How do your payment terms work?

A. When booking in a conversion with us our payment terms are as follows.

We require payment for seating and elevating roofs to be paid in full. This is non refundable as these items are custom ordered.

We then require a 25% deposit of the remaining balance to be paid to confirm and reserve your build slot.

Another 25% deposit (of the original balance) is paid on or before the day you drop the vehicle off to us for conversion.

The remaining 50% of the balance is due on or before the day of vehicle collection. If paying via bank transfer please allow enough time for the transfer to complete as we cannot release the vehicle until this payment has been made.


Total Build cost  = £12,000

Seat & Roof cost to be paid in full = £4,000

Deposit to book build slot (25% of remaining balance) = £2,000

Deposit on vehicle drop off (25% of original balance) = £2,000

Remaining balance on collection (50%) = £4,000


Once your quote is confirmed, we will send you an invoice including seat and elevating roof cost and your 25% deposit cost.

We will then send you another invoice prior to vehicle drop off or on the day depending on what has been agreed for the 25%

When your vehicle is nearing completion with the remaining 50% balance and any extras that you may have asked us to do during your build will be sent to you on your final invoice which is to be paid on or before the day of collection.

Don’t panic, if the above seems confusing we are more than happy to go through everything with you to explain it.